Have clothes or items you'd like to donate to a charitable organization? Ask Genie!

Don't have time to bring them yourself, or don't have a car? Not a problem! Genie can take care of it for you!

You want to donate to an organization, but you just don’t have time to bring your bags, Genie taking care of it for you!

Genie is an on-demand personal assistant. Essentially, a platform where you can ask for anything you need.
Yes, as long as it's legal, really everything!

Restaurant deliveries, products deliveries; we can even book you a specialist (housekeeper, maintenance specialists, interior worker etc.)

Need furniture assembly? Administrative research? We can do it all!

It’s simple, fast and efficient!

How can you contact us?

Nothing could be easier; you just send us a message by chat with Messenger or on our website with your task. An assistant will answer you in a few seconds, and come back with the total in a few minutes!

You can find more information about us on our website and on Facebook
Genie is your new best friend!